farm structure functional structure hormonal substance milk substitute
grain substitutes cereal substitutes import subsidy global grant
raw beet sugar raw cane sugar area of cereals area under cereals
cereal acreage areas under beet reactor safety temporary linear suspension
recycle symbol accreditation system equalisation scheme delivery quotas system
raw tobacco baled tobacco leaf tobacco table of equivalence
financial table through rate humidity limit standard interest rate
oxygen sensor rates of assistance agricultural conversion rate rate of refund
daily conversion rate green central rate green rate parafiscal levy
parafiscal charge technique of intercomparison television projection equipment volatile acid content
aflatoxin content sugar content released land freed land
hunting region area of hunting thermisation cold-rolled sheet
maize cake oilseed cake oilcake heat treatment
annual instalment transparency of appropriations water-engineering work European size unit
agricultural work unit manpower unit land use suckler cow
sucking cow breeding cow agricultural value added buying-in value
sale value veal calf breakdown of appropriations interim disbursement
payment in advance advance payment carcases hormonised meat
ATLAS competing meat quick-frozen meat frozen meat
poultrymeat boneless meat boned meat bone-in meat
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