structurally lagging region laggard region island region insular region
operative rule operational rule structural regulation price recording
equipment handover milk yield yield per cow expected profitability
share-out Symbiosis information network EIONET monetary reserve
severance bonus corrosion resistance food supplies degressive refund
food aid refund standing refund restructuring of plantations set-aside of farmland
rhizomania refund milled rice wholly milled rice
hulled rice spray carnation multiflorous carnation standard carnation
uniflorous carnation bloom carnation husked rice paddy rice
semi-milled rice lard satsuma artificial heat-drying
non-food industrial sector wine-growing sector wine sector Guidance Section
general product safety bread-making rye selection sowings
certified seed spelt for sowing basic seed grassland seed
herbage seed grass seed fodder seed fodder plant seed
air cargo service investment service gateway all-cargo service
intervention threshold guarantee threshold production threshold lactose syrup
raw silk bran by-product of winemaking transnational subcontracting
cross-border subcontracting agricultural stabiliser intervention stock memorandum account
offset account suspense account liaison account recently constituted stock
buffer stock seasonal storage conversion strategy agricultural structure
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