adrenal cortical hormone denaturing premium marketing premium guidance premium
minimum purchasing price public buying-in price derived price input price
European translation prize additional target price European literary prize mixed price
disposal price signal price cold storage process recovery procedure
appropriate decision-making procedure computational linguistics cereal production cereal output
cork production overproduction milk production marginal production
temperate-zone agricultural product starch product alternative crop basic product
base product derived product co-product wheat-derived product
forest product milk product imitation milk product oilseed plant
early crops processed product fission product pastry products
bioethanol programme positive action programme Priority Information Programme stock reduction programme
disposal scheme DPRA rural development programme multiannual budget forecast
specific proposal relative prosperity protein plant protein crop
Sugar Protocol minimum bread-making quality reference quantity guaranteed total quantity
collective quota delivery quota individual quota mountain breed
hardy sheep breed television broadcasting activity television broadcasting readjustment of entries
raising of capital monetary realignment currency realignment EEC type-approval
exploratory research forestry research artificial reef varietal conversion
Community buying-up arrangement national aid scheme cessation scheme guarantee limitation arrangement
quota system plant health regime eligible region structurally backward region
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