Nonexperimental study Nonparametric methods Nonparametric test Nonparticipants
Normal Normal distribution Normal limits Normative
Nosocomial Nosology Nosography Numerator
Numerical taxonomy Observational study Observer variation Occam s razor
Occurrence Odds Odds ratio Open-ended question
Operational research Operations research opportunistic infection Ordinal scale
Ordinate Outcome Outcome variable Outliers
Overestimation Overmatching Overwintering Probability value
P value Paired samples Pairing pandemic
Panel study Paradigm Parametric test Parasite count
Parasite density Paratenic host Parity Particularisation
Passage Passenger variable Passive smoking Path analysis
Pathogenesis Pathogenicity Patient Pedigree
Penetrance Perinatal period Period effect Period of communicability
Periodic medical examination Periodic examination Permissible exposure limit Person-time
Person-time at risk Person-years Personal monitoring device Physician
Pie chart Pilot study Pilot investigation Place of birth
Poisson distribution Pollution Polygenic inheritance Ponderal index
Population Population attributable risk Population based Population excess rate
Population medicine Population momentum Population pyramid Target population
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