inserted sequence food industry brewing industry European non-food industry
starch-using industry rural infrastructure professional insertion occupational integration
accounting instrument specific market instrument storage intervention public intervention
structural intervention heading description productive investment
agro-industrial fallow testing laboratory school milk milk powder
wire-drawing standardised whole milk liquid milk milk for suckling
minority Community language animal husbandry legislation absolute limit textile flax
fibre flax linter validation milk delivery
American foulbrood grain maize plasmacytosis Aleutian disease
forward commodity market agricultural market agri-foodstuffs market exchange market
cash flow standard gross margin milk fat agricultural raw material
agricultural commodity animal fat renewable primary product natural negative MCAs
transferred negative MCA clawback system complementary alternative medicine complementary medicine
complementary therapy alternative medecine coloured masterbatch memorandum
bill of costs Message Handling System agrimonetary measure grubbing up
technical assistance measure afforestation work co-responsibility measures preparatory measure
conversion scheme control measures microelectronics electronic microcircuit
electronic microassembly mini-tender implementation of action productivity drive
external role financing arrangement higher-range Community model monomethyl-dibromo-diphenyl methane
uniform standard amount standard amount nectarine intervention stock levels
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