stockfarming livestock production management of woodlands closed circuit holding
off-land farm intensive farm extensification of production dry matter
computer integrated manufacture computer integrated manufacturing holonic production agile production
wheat meal wheat flour rice flour rye meal
rye flour potato starch farina starch manufacturer
tenant farming cotton fibre textile fibre generic service
timber industry forest-based industry beef veal sector regressive funding
conditioning flaked rice Epizootic Diseases Fund sun-dried fodder
neutral margin storable cheese long-keeping cheese oleaginous fruit
fruit grower fruit and vegetables limited price guarantee full price guarantee
stock management farmed game rural holiday accommodation glucosinolate
wheat gluten maize gluten corn gluten seeds
seed for sowing slaughterhouse fat cutting-room fat principal operational unit
large animals heavy livestock granivores citrus pellets
Community classification scale field bean pigeon bean broad bean
SOG-T producer group groats and meal food habits
eating habits thin skirt homogenisation horticulturist
semi-fine olive oil rape-seed oil vegetable oil waste incinerator
waste incineration plant incentive to investment insurance payment cessation annuity
financial indicator physical indicator traditional farm-income indicator implicit price index
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