extraordinary depreciation additional depreciation locational disadvantage release from store
removal from storage inventory rundown goat keeper goat farmer
supplies Directive ONP framework directive spray-suppression devices special provision
market control measures support distillation preventive distillation voluntary distillation
discussion paper FFTP Fft-paper Food-for-thought paper
consignment note accompanying document two limits dual structure
right to replant fifth-freedom traffic right fourth-freedom traffic right third-freedom traffic right
monetary gap applied monetary gap real monetary gap timetable
schedule indicative timetable indicative schedule forest ecosystem
disposal of sugar synthetic sweetener artificial sweetener spreand effect
stimulus pump-priming variable component silkworm rearing
extensive livestock farming off-land livestock farming off-land livestock farm mixed livestock farming
issue recovery orders agricultural employment adjusted rule accounting commitments
global commitments nitrogenous chemical fertiliser chemical fertiliser green manure
pig farmer provisional registration pro memoria registration technical obstacle
technical barrier ginning undertaking carcase equivalent milk equivalent
discount deduction in advance seed producer multiplier
market study market survey market research preparatory study
Audiovisual Eureka Europartnership butterfat surplus virus free
previous financial year precompetitive requirement pilot scheme livestock rearing
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