self-propelled industrial truck hemp seed dairy herd deadstock
warranty clause scarcity clause dual-rate coefficient azocolourant
azo dye olive-grower olive oil farmer organisation chart
ECSC Auditor electromagnetic compatibility ligno-cellulose current postal account
cash account protein concentrate tomato concentrate broad-based open competition
suspensive condition growing conditions animal health requirements cones and lupulin
WATTC conference-exposition management advice canning industry
industrial end-user cultivation contract loan agreement loan contract
credit agreement on-the-spot check on-the-spot inspection financial contract
Wheat Trade Convention credit union fatty substance corrective amount
negative corrective positive corrective basic production levy elimination levy
ginned cotton unginned cotton continuous casting operation continuous casting
standardised cost allotted appropriations allotment issued appropriation authorised
pro forma appropriation residual appropriations technical appropriations cream
thermal-zone cooking food crop combination and overlapping disbursement
full turn-out slaughterhouse waste implementing decision Declaration of Intent
industrial decline cereal incorporation premium degree of self-supply degree of self-sufficiency
degree of rurality reduction of stocks overrunning overshoot
overrun current expenditure intervention expenditure running costs
refund expenditure market support expenditure eligible public expenditure examination of tenders
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