payment instrument instrument of payment reference year liaison office
videophonic recorder video recording apparatus videophonic reproducer video reproducing apparatus
analytical equipment adulteration of wine call for funds variety denomination
varietal description sales to intervention integrated approach article
dormancy period European Assizes European Audiovisual Conference non-profit making association
not-for-profit association non-profit association advance poultry raising
poultry farming priority rural development priority virus tested
buttermilk denatured buttermilk farm building stabled cattle
stalled cattle housed livestock Christmas butter non-fully flexible ticket
fully flexible ticket denatured wheat feed grain feed quality wheat
feedwheat fodder grain stockfeed wheat common wheat fodder
soft wheat common wheat beef animal alcoholic drink
alcoholic product spirit drink spirituous beverage alcoholic beverage
special premium finisher classes of insurance Advanced Aero-Amphibian project
ICDCS Maritime Safety Committee PACONF Passenger Agency Conference
bank settlement plan International Wheat Agreement IMDG IMDGC
IMDG Code Cairns Group BCCI conventional stability talks
IEFR Western Economic Summit ICFTU ISIC
World Energy Congress World Energy Conference COCOM International Astronautical Federation
International Automobile Federation FIBA World Basketball Federation ICCTE
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