dynamic random-access memory dynamic storage dynamic Ram diester
EPROM erasable programmable ROM polythene polyethylene
PROM random-access storage read-write memory random-access memory
exempt person abatement of levies acariosis Voluntary Restraint Agreement
franchising agreement franchise agreement specific agreement discharge
Community food aid specific common measure sales promotion measures eligible operation
innovative operation innovative measure specific agronomic measures structural measures
updating of amounts hub airport Supply Agency peroxoacid
air traffic services farm holidays farm tourism rural tourism
agri-tourism recruitment subsidy investment aid aid for investments
adjustment aid food aid operating aid additional storage aid
tied development cooperation tied aid non-reimbursable preaccession aid structural adjustment
albumin agricultural alcohol vinous alcohol wine alcohol
output fluctuation fluctuation in production concentrated feed calf milk substitute
calf milk replacer animal nutrition animal feeding genetic improvement
starch industry starch cornstarch source term analysis
celestial navigation cockpit staff cockpit personnel cross-talk
crosstalk Burgundy mixture cylindrical cell alternate aerodrome
crab angle Own Funds Directive owner-cultivation owner occupancy
flight operations flight recorder babesiosis transit document
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