heifer for fattening ploughed-back profit tax on profits taxation of profits
profit tax negative share capital capital deficit marginal route
abrasive granule indebtedness debt position decimalization
physical barrier recognition procedure tax arrangements consumer credit
mortgage credit institution deposit-taking institution depository institution licensed bank
corporate publishing resealable envelope private storer parallel import
grey import occupational traveller leisure wear abusive clause
prepaid card procedure manual procedural manual opinion poll
CATG Computer-Aided Test Generation Open Test Environment licensed product
licensed territory parallel patent quality certification derelict site
robotisation landscaping labour intensive job eligible measure
disadvantaged person local operator advanced television service electronic information highway
conditional access debit card wage development person in charge
metallic lead services agreement access area cabled yarn
solid waste disposal backing register confirmatory act
information engineering anhydrous mass polyurethane fibre legal background
examiner pick-up tax rate rate of taxation
temporary salary transaction solo engineer liability consolidation
biodegradable packaging shellfish farming shellfish breeding continental shelf
rubber filter collector hydraulic circuit supercharger
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