social stakeholders social actors flow measurement device legal force
legal effectiveness no-strike clause pressure blower occupational class
occupational category Miner Ministry of Industry part-time contract
social plan redundancy programme warning strike token strike
unionisation union density filling warp binding weft
filling weft use-surface mercerised fibre materials programme
currency programme response burden flammable substance geographical mobility payment
aquatic environment most probable number faecal streptococcus electrometry
photometry absorption photometry partitioning and transmutation hot-plasma physics
blackfin tuna dicumyl peroxide deposit of securities Lippizaner horse
barock horse breed reciprocity clause sensitive constituent deciduous species
controlling undertaking controlled undertaking netting agreement national trade mark
totally unemployed person MEANS MEANS programme ground for revocation
propulsion power Opposition Division allergenicity calcium metal
chlorophyll copper complex phytase shield-blanket divertor
cryoplant safety culture Traverso-methodology Traverso-method
water-supply system sludge treatment cell factory prepared baking powder
AD S Z AD F M sweetcorn acrylic tow
acrylic filament tow acrylic top telecommunications route sealed unit
multiple glazing unit urgent notification evidential force evidential value
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