numeric code water injection windscreen wind tunnel
withdrawal of approval tilt angle rake angle tempered glass
toughened glass pre-stressed glass turbocompound engine Danube salmon
Scanning Electron Microscopy international humanitarian law cobalt chloride telematic service
ceramic shell vane inspection report discharge
time indicator clock rock oyster Pacific cupped oyster
processing establishment avermectin CELMA Community reserve
fat content images per minute administrative procedure light petroleum
hexyl acrylate repeatability cold start system reproducibility
draft bill of exchange fillet silverside
viral arteritis botulism poisoning intoxication
hectare aid per hectare aid acreage aid rabies
forequarter implementation coldstore axilliary lymph node
axillary lymph node costocervical lymph node ischiatic lymph node popliteal lymph node
prescapular lymph node post-mortem inspection reference method injurious pricing margin
rump salting pig s bristles means of defence
thick flank knuckle basic salary basic wage
basic pay beneficial owner commercial contract interest-rate contract
foreign-exchange contract national currency equivalent value adjustment mortgage credit
short-term credit computerised marketing computer aided marketing family doctor
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