World Disarmament Conference ALBM air-launched ballistic missile surface-to-air missile
ground-to-air missile Radar Warning Receiver attack submarine Subcommittee on Statistics
cooperation between enterprises business cooperation medium-range surface-to-air system decoy
Subscriber Identity Module Subscriber Identification Module maximum permissible dose maximum allowable dose
radiology Fast Track Authority fast track International Dairy Agreement
ASBM air-to-surface ballistic missile balance sheet account collective statement
quantitative restriction Net Value Added suckler-cow premium snail
reduced agricultural component Patagonian rockcod general welfare contribution general social contribution
Onidol nature protection nature conservancy retinyl palmitate
fibrous material CREDOC round grain rice pregelatinised starch
regional employment grant histidine triggering storage measures rural code
European Telemedicine Institute Journeymen s labour association epoxide records of evidence
NMGA methionine pigmeat regulatory fund Stabiporc
pigmeat adjustment fund threonine autochthonous indigenous
aboriginal index-linking indexation silver carp
Minister for Defence Trade Negotiations Committee safeguard clause Head Delegate
settlement of disagreements settlement of disputes dispute settlement voluntary export restriction
voluntary export restraint International Dairy Arrangement basket extractor mechanism basket exit mechanism
TRIMs panel report Anti-Dumping Code saxitoxin
end-effector exploding bridge exploding bridge wire exploding foil initiator
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