ECIIP EC-IIP ECIP self-regulation
EARSEC binding mandate EEC Beer Review media laboratory
proposal for rejection proposal to reject motion for rejection common Joint Committee
Cheysson facility European Statistical System subcontracting exchange new Mediterranean Policy
NICE AIJN European Fishing Assembly Political Union
New Instrument CEOS Delors package European Over-Sixties Card
Transport Infrastructure Policy first reading European development agency European Information System
right of initiative Community Eco-audit scheme centralising work audio typing
dormant commitments EPSO flagship project CTMO
plea in abatement request for cancellation application for revocation European Documentation Centre
Euro Documentation Centre Community dues EIICA fishing vessel register
Staff Notice departmental note European information internetwork resettlement allowance
Reper Permanent Representation session second reading
supervisory powers voting time Vice-President compromise amendment
substitute elect by acclamation plenary session plenary
verification of credentials term of office vacancy Code of Conduct
parliamentary term tryptophane tryptophan tyrosine
EDIP EDI project phenylalanine CMGA
starch ether starch ester medium grain rice long grain rice
NNWS non-nuclear-weapon states non-nuclear-weapon powers precision guided munition
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