Family study Extended family Nuclear family Fertility rate
Fertility ratio Fetal death Fetal death certificate Fetal death rate
Field survey Fisher s exact test Fishing expedition Fitness
Fixed cohort follow-up study Fomites Force of mortality
Forecasting Forecast Fortuitous relationship Forward survival estimate
Fourfold table Framingham study Frequency distribution Frequency matching
Frequency polygon Frequency table Function Game theory
Gaussian distribution gene pool General fertility rate Generation effect
Generation time Dominant genetic disease Recessive genetic disease Sex-linked genetic disease
Genetic linkage Genetic penetrance genetics Geographic pathology
Gestational age Gold standard Gompertz s law Gonodotrophic cycle
Goodness of fit Gradient of infection Gravidity Gross reproduction rate
Growth studies Hackett spleen classification Halo effect Handicap
Haphazard sample hard data Hardy-Weinberg law Harmonic mean
Hawthorne effect Hazard Hazard rate health
Health index Health indicator Health promotion Health risk appraisal
Health services research Health statistics Health status index Health survey
Healthy worker effect Hebdomadal mortality rate Henle-Koch postulates Herd imunity
Hibernation Histogram Historical cohort study Historical control
Hogben number Holoendemic disease Holomiantic infection Hospital inpatient enquiry
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