conduct of sittings point of order speech referral to committee
full member subcommittee study mission study journey
fact-finding mission fact-finding journey committee bureau draft amendment
non-legislative report committee responsible draftsman own-initiative report
INI report interparliamentary delegation petition hearing
petitioner Secretariat supplementary question grant discharge
confidential procedure reprimand first Vice-President political affinity
Community legislature Recarm Esspros list of speakers
European Chemicals Bureau European Chemical Bureau Symbiosis network European Business Week
Third Air Package Less Favoured Region disadvantaged region old-for-new regulation
European Security Council European Defence Community ECDP CORINAIR
Green Team network SYSDEM EACRO PSULG
Maritime Forum Language Engineering Directory slender snipefish coal consumption loan
mail sorting department Inter-institutional European Centre European Interinstitutional Centre grant
delivery price delivered price Early Childhood Centre intervention area
field of activity consultancy service advisory service agency agreement
arms control agreement peace agreement acetylcholine turning angle
steering angle blade licensing authority refractory
acrylic acid reaction rate National Armaments Director IACA
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