nuclear yield zero option antiradar missile air-to-surface vessel radar
chemical and bacteriological comprehensive disarmament plan cruise missile carrier Megaton equivalent
equivalent megatonnage integrated weapon system Military Committee mutual forces reduction
Multilateral Nuclear Force missile site radar nuclear-free zone nuclear-weapon-free zone
NWFZ denuclearised zone probability of kill range error probability
Nuclear-Powered Attack Submarine transporter-erector-launcher theatre nuclear forces priority question
non-priority question proceedings in camera emergency meeting legislative initiative
third reading committee stage additional plenary session mini-session
additional part-session CCFP Public Health Committee Public Health Commission
European Pharmacopoeia Commission technology integration projects SPEC sanitary conditions
PACT Senior Citizens Parliament open network provision ISDN
European Economic Community Contact Committee allowance in compensation Merger Treaty
Forza Europa Group GNP Committee EEA Joint Committee EEA statistical programme
EEA census programme financial mechanism committee EPEFE ECTEL
EMARS MARS Product Committee Financial Committee
vitiated consent pressed felt wool felt felt
sitting committee meeting draw up a report secret ballot
teller opening address ballot paper speaking time
Question Time admissibility joint debate written declaration
rapporteur draft agenda final draft agenda Chamber
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