sulphur mustard yperite dichloroethyl sulphide nerve gas
nerve agent neutron warhead non-use of force nuclear arms freeze
nuclear artillery atomic artillery nuclear conflict nuclear exchange
nuclear guarantee nuclear parity nuclear strike force nuclear-powered submarine
nuclear submarine nuclear supremacy nuclear superority nuclear surface burst
nuclear threat nuclear threshold nuclear umbrella nuclear underwater burst
offensive armaments system operational missile operational nuclear weapons optical homing device
infrared homing device overkill capability particle beam particle-beam weapon
PENAIDS Penetration Aids photoreconnaissance satellite photographic satellite
pre-emptive strike pre-emptive attack retaliation forces sea-to-air missile
second strike second-strike capability second-strike strategy self-guided missile
semi-active homing guidance SRCM short-range cruise missile short-range missile
single-warhead missile smart weapon soft missile base space mine
space-surveillance system space weapon space-weapons programme spy satellite
Star Wars program strategic balance strategic combat aircraft strategic nuclear weapon
strategic weapon strike-back capability retaliatory capability sub-kiloton weapon
SLIM subsurface-to-subsurface missile surface-to-sea missile surface-to-subsurface missile
surface ship tactical support aircraft tactical nuclear missile tactical weapon
terminal guidance tracking station underground nuclear explosion underground nuclear burst
unilateral disarmament yellow rain window of vulnerability X-ray laser
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