MISSOC Programme upgraded post calendar of meetings ECBASES
central documentation service closed access area reading room legislative backbone
Transport Infrastructure Committee breeding sow CAPD national convergence programme
Eco-audit Child survival programme European Sports Charter ETHEL
PEJA AEFPR Sutherland committee AMBAR
Tacis Committee EC-Japan Plenary Meeting Network Working Group Sakharov Prize
working document Technology Management Plan REDWG HELIOS
CEFA Espace Léopold complex Libex system Act of Accession
Local Staff Committee PHACSY Independent Electoral Commission interim report
closure of a debate follow-up procedure joint parliamentary committee right of inquiry
electronic voting independent mandate minority opinion oral amendment
standing interparliamentary delegation IGME Greek Cotton Board Labour Institute
GGCL Greek Communist Party Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation PASEGES
cloudiness Perimeter Acquisition Radar attack helicopter assault helicopter
linkage coupling free-electron laser air-tanker
flying tanker tanker aircraft aerial tanker plexiglas
syntactic foam extrusion copra plastomer
degassing degasification dustbath dust bathing
feeder stocking rate stocking density ingestion of food
food intake over-taxation fiscal drag tactical nuclear weapon
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