Discrete variable Discriminant analysis Disease frequency survey Disease label
Disease odds ratio Preclinical disease Disease registry Disease taxonomy
Distorter variable Distribution function Distribution-free method Double-blind trial
Drift Droplet nuclei drop-out lost to follow-up
dropout Dummy variable Dynamic population E-book
Eating habits Ecological analysis Ecological correlation Ecological fallacy
Ecological study Ecology effect Effect measure
Effect modifier Effective sample size Effectiveness Efficacy
Efficiency Egg count Elimination Empirical
Encounter End results Point source epidemic Epidemiologist
Experimental epidemiology Epornithic Error Type I error
Type II error Estimate Estimation Estimator
Ethics Etiologic fraction Etiologic study Etiology
Evans postulates Event Exact method Exact test
Excess risk Experiential variable Experiment Experimental study
Explanatory study Explanatory variable Exposed exposure
Exposure ratio Exposure-odds ratio Expressivity External validity
Extrapolation Extrapolate F distribution factor
Factor analysis Factorial design false negative false positive
Familial disease Family Family contact disease Family of classifications
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