Greek Police Federation Deputy Prime Minister EFAP EYDAP SA
EAPTA exhaust control card POL AN PolAn
Political Spring PEGDY prefecture EOMMEX
special fishing permit SEVGAP principle of care TSAY
reuse of sludge home port factory farming methyliodide
root vegetable leafy vegetable mycelium early potato
borosilicate glass equipment flame retardant stem
breaking load barge carrying vessel barge-carrying ship LASH-carrier
LASH-ship lighter-aboard-ship carrier barge carrier transit port
port of transit low tide customs declaration animal charcoal
high water highwater flood weaning food
knot polyploidy inert gas frontal impact
front-end collision head-on collision front crash nominative data
Data Terminal Equipment Extremely Low Frequency Extra Low Frequency local network architecture
pages per minute direct access Automatic Call Distribution Automatic Call Unit
auto-call unit handset Information Provider digested sludge dewatering
antimissile missile air-to-surface missile air-to-underwater missile MRBM
medium-range ballistic missile SRBM short-range ballistic missile surface-to-surface missile
ground-to-ground missile ULMS EFEO addict
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