bioaccumulable substance dangerous chemical substance nutrient mineral nutrient
odorous substance odoriferous substance persistent synthetic substance ecological succession
primary succession secondary succession linear alkyl sulphonate overgrazing
excessive grazing symbiosis synoeky synoecy
synecology ecology of communities animal systematics littoral system
rate of increase teratology territory defence territorial defence
territory marking territorial marking territorialism territoriality
territorial behaviour methylene blue test toxicity test therophyte
vegetable tissue vegetative tissue plant tissue total hardness
enzyme-induced transformation trophallaxis ecological valence vegetation loss
vegetation belt story of vegetation vegetation type vegetation zone
yarovisation vernalization vertebrate aging process
xeromorphy xerophilous xerophilous plant xerophyte
drought-persistent plant zoidiogamy lightless zone aphotic zone
bathypelagic zone dysphotic zone neritic zone epipelagic zone
euphotic zone limnion limnetic zone oceanic zone
profundal zone sublittoral zone supralittoral zone trophogenic zone
tropholytic zone zoochory animal dispersal zoogeography
animal geography zooplankton original equipment manufacturer nuclear panoply
nuclear arsenal biochemical weapon tracks per inch silicon carbide
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