harmful biological growth biological protective mechanism sand plant psammophyte
putrescibility pyramid of numbers food pyramid food interrelations
trophic relationships feeding interrelations avoiding reaction avoidance reaction
water re-aeration diet predator-prey relation predator-prey relationship
predator-prey interaction assimilation efficiency reinforcement clumped distribution
random distribution uniform distribution dispersion pattern restocking
reproduction sexual reproduction reproductive rate reproduction rate
repellent insect repellent biogenetic reserve partial reserve
special reserve respiration non-regenerating natural resource rutting season
salting of soil salinisation saprobiont sapropel
saprovore saprophage saprophytic plant saprophyte
mineral salts nutritive salt taste sensation gustatory sensation
successional series sere sessile seston
warning signal alarm signal animal sociology care of young
brood care parental care putrescible solids suspended solid
volatile organic solvent submissive gesture species formation speciation
biological spectrum larval stage stage of succession seral stage
stenophagous stenothermous stenothermal tree stratum
tree layer brushwood layer herbaceous layer ground layer
thermal stratification temperature stratification trophic structure active washing ingredient
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