anthophyte phanerophyte phenology pheromone
phonoreceptor phoresy phoresis photoperiod
photoperiodism photoreceptor light receptor photosynthesis
phytobenthos phytochrome plant climatology phytoclimatology
geographic botany phytogeography plant geography geobotany
plant hormone phytohormone plant plankton phytoplankton
plant sociology phytosociology plankton aeroplankton
air plant aerophyte food plant anemophilous plant
calcicolous plant calciphyte calcicole plant floating plant
halophyte heliophyte sun plant heliophilous plant
herbaceous plant hygrophyte hygrophilous plant pioneer plant
creeping plant creeper skiaphyte skiophilous plant
shade-loving plant terrestrial plant land plant vascular plant
zoidiogamic plant plant nutrient migratory fish fish kill
pollinator pollinating agent biodegradation of pollutants toxicity of pollutants
prey population population dynamics population development population fluctuation
reproductive potential biotic potential penetrating power preadaptation
osmotic pressure selective pressure selection pressure competitive exclusion principle
self-purification process enrichment process primary production self-destroying product
environmental chemical corrosive product oxygen absorbent prey
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