confounding Joint confounding consistency contact
Direct contact indirect contact Primary contact Secondary contact
contagion contagious containment Contingency table
continuing source outbreak continuing source epidemic continuous data continuous variable
control control of confounding Hospital controls Matched controls
Neighborhood controls Sibling controls coordinates cordon sanitaire
correlation coefficient Nonsense correlation cost-benefit analysis cost-effectiveness analysis
cost-utility analysis covariance covariate coverage
cox model criterion Cronbach s alpha cross-cultural study
cross-product ratio crossover design crude death rate cumulative death rate
cumulative incidence ratio cumulative incidence rate cusum Seasonal cyclicity
Secular cyclicity cyst count data dredging date of birth
date of death death registration area decision analysis decision tree
decrease deduction degrees of freedom Preterm delivery
Term delivery Posterm delivery demographic transition demonstration model
density of population denominator density sampling Dependent variable
Descriptive epidemiology Design variable Detection Diagnosis
Diagnostic index Dichotomous variable Diet Differential
Differential misclassification Digit preference Dimensionality Direct adjustment
Direct standardization disability Discordant Discrete data
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