cavernicolous animal troglobiont cave animal diurnal animal
freshwater animal hibernator nocturnal animal poikilothermic animal
poikilotherm warm-blooded animal homoiothermic animal cold-blooded animal
terrestrial animal land animal subterranean animal ground animal
hereditary anomaly wormer anthelmintic appeasement gesture
nutrient availability food supply ecological recovery draining of swamps
draining of marshes drying-out of wetlands autoecology self-polination
autogamy self-regulation autotroph selective advantage
nitrogen fixing nitrogen fixation nitrogen-fixing bacteria azotobacter
aerobic bacteria denitrifying bacteria nitrifying bacteria putrefactive bacteria
warning colour aposematic colour soil bacteria sulphur bacteria
pecking order peck-right hierarchy peck order benthos
benthonic nutritional requirements food requirements benthic biocenosis
marine biocenosis nectobenthic biocenosis biosociology biocenotics
cell biochemistry biogeography cytobiology cell biology
marine biology environmental biology bionics microconsumer
reducer decomposer biotical biotic
biotype ecological setting carbon cycle vegetation map
biocenotic cartography chamaephyte body burden organic matter content
chemoreceptor chemosterilant chemosynthesis chemotaxis
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