loyalty stamp bad weather payment fax unit facsimile machine
overhang Joint Relief Partnership aborted take-off airborne
aeromobile air corridor air lane aerial corridor
flight personnel flying personnel aircrew airline
flight route air route ATCC audio frequency
frequency of a sound audio frequence primary data basic data
redfish Doppler radar medical examination infirmity
working life group therapy pacemaker cardiac pacemaker
paediatrics concentration disorder respiratory medicine pneumology
orthopaedics labour relations rheumatology sleepiness
somnolence drowsiness urology cardiovascular disease
cholera expert system cursor asynchronous transfer mode
binary digit binary character window Prime Minister
transit operation humic acid enzymic activity enzyme activity
adaptability of ecosystems chromatic adaptation adaptive coloration fuel additive
water softener Mediterranean mussel anti-oxidant in foodstuffs dispersion medium
dispersing agent range of distribution distribution area alkalinity
algicide sessile algae algal control ammonification
anaerobe anoxybiosis anaerobiosis anemophily
wind-pollination anemogamy aquatic animal cave fauna
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