crude-oil refining gaseous combustible material determinative fuel discharge conditions
NOx emissions nitrogen oxides emissions low calorific gas refinery residues
liquefied gas volatile compound sulphur content reference measuring method
measurement of emissions emissions inventory individual measurement continuous measurement
post-combustion plant new plant low-sulphur fuel meteorological surface measurements
climate impacts solar spectral flux audiology walking-stick
cane cardiology plastic surgery thoracic surgery
preparatory inquiry neurology right of appointment livestock carrier
fish-processing vessel processing vessel fish-processing ship USANERA
analytical balance consumer subsidy consumption aid aid for consumption
medium-term credit utility program shigellosis shigella
computer graphics interface fundamental research basic research lo-lo
lolo lift-on lift-off Earth Observation common technical rules
Common Technical Regulation antithermic febrifuge fever treatment
antipyretic anechoic chamber frequency spectrum vector processor
noise zoning acoustical zoning linen flax flax fibre
natural fibre single yarn solar store storage tank
preheat vessel bioaccumulative bio-accumulating first engineer
precursor key precursor oriented structural board oriented strand board
thiodiglycol internal coastal waters sarin isopropylmethylphosphorofluoridate
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