strip filler cut filler long filler bunch
buncher rolling device mould burn meter
wrapper puff draw sorting
burning qualities softening the wrappers wrapper cutting die wrapping machine
rolling machine powdering matting wet matting
liquid matting mildness burning time smoke
smoke condensate smoking machine Falk method nornicotine
nicotine analysis filling power filling power index filling uniformity
tabacosis nicotine content drawing qualities sales
green weight dry weight weight loss decalo
per capita consumption bale starter leaven
wild yeasts selected yeasts low-temperature yeasts agglutinating yeasts
flocculating yeasts agglomerating yeasts dried yeasts floating cap
submerged cap punching the cap plunging the cap after-care
clarification fining binding Moeslinger fining
blue fining germ-proof filtration sterilising filtration close filtration
aeration preservation preservation in argon stabilising
temperature treatment partial concentration sweetening addition of sugar
acidification sulphiting de-sulphiting desulphisation
plastering topping topping up filling up
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