black box Blind experiment blinded study blind study
blocked randomization bootstrap breakpoint caliper matching
Cancer registry Healthy carrier carrying capacity case
case compeer study case comparison study case history study case referent study
collateral case case-base study catastrophe theory catchment area
causality cause-deleted life table causes of death Censored data
Censoring census census tract cessation experiment
check digit checking of data chemotherapy Chi-square distribution
chi-square test child death rate chromosomal anomaly chronic
Class class social classification of diseases clinical epidemiologist
clinimetrics closed cohort closed question cluster
cluster analysis cluster sampling clustering coding
coherence cohort analysis cohort component method cohort effect
cohort incidence cohort slopes cointervention cold chain
collectively exhaustive classes collinearity colonization common source epidemic
common vehicle spread communicable period community community diagnosis
Community health Community medicine Community trial comparison group
competing cause competing risk Completed fertility rate Completion rate
Compliance composite index computer concordance
concordant Concurrent study conditional probability confidentiality
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