variety of vine fresh grapes grape cluster
bunch stem stalk skin
pulp trimming of bunches destemming grape mill
crusher stemmer defecation settling
debourbage screening straining draining
pressing overpressing press free-run juice
free-run light pressings first pressings pressings
press wine final pressings must grape must
concentrated grape must preserved must mistelle cordage
deposit from must amelioration of musts saccharimeter starting of fermentation
tumultuous fermentation malo-lactic fermentation second fermentation second alcoholic fermentation
Champagne method Charmat process Minister for Housing ocular lesion
atherosclerosis general anesthesia general anaesthesia congestive heart failure
source of supply psoriasis manufactured product feeling of depression
gene pool gene bank invertebrate cable distribution
infography computer graphics sponsorship mail-order sale
seed-capital company notwithstanding means of support means of subsistence
voice mail voice processing non-simultaneous communication Antilock Braking System
surface tension surface activity winemaking vinification
asbestos-based product leafweb drying heavy metal fixing the colour
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