colouration colour price increase curing damage
sale by auction processing centre storage centre tobacco sector
premium certificate right to premium minimum quality characteristics first processing
fine texture temporary bale tobacco variety fine-cut smoking tobacco
close texture coarse-cut smoking tobacco tobacco in grains coarse texture
tobacco in sticks tobacco in cubes tobacco in strips light texture
tobacco in blocks thin texture natural tobacco unmanufactured tobacco
average texture pieces of leaf open texture cigar parings
mottled broken leaf colour of a cigar bronzed
fleshy leaf well ripened leaves reddish background fully ripe leaf
mottled yellow pulpy stems over ripe under ripe
firm texture dark brown nutbrown colour nutbrown
warm colour lively colour dull aroma of alcohol
average quality defect in colour leafy unit weight
extraction of nicotine graphitizing graphitization cyanate
tempering process hardening decolourisation steel
plain carbon steel unalloyed steel non-alloy steel ferrite
photogrammetrical instrument impurity melting range solar radiation
equine infectious anaemia outright grant contamination computer-assisted manufacturing
computer-aided manufacturing erythroxylace vine vine variety
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