CETMA Budget Costs Controls SCSI Aspec
Cultural Goods Committee ECCC ECSC Loans Committee ISEI
ECSA vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae VA-mycorrhizae IRIS
STAR laboratory staff ECPRD COPEC
proof-reading of documents World Monitoring Project Compros Impact Committee
Eurocord ECMM Arbitration Panel Arbitration Commission
Voluntary Pension Scheme APEL Oil Supply Committee legislative conciliation
travel seating arrangements procedural page general accounting
finishing by transfer auxiliary imprest accounting transfer
shorthand word processing management of meetings simultaneous interpretation
collation checking entering computer data duplicating
internal administration outside specialist management of premises building technician
technical engineer systems analysis handling duties make-up of documents
workshop managing referrals high-ranking visitor keeping records
keeping inventories Supervisory Committee media accreditation press accreditation
accreditation press accreditation list post vacant on post vacant from
uniform CDRR Coface AMUE
Social Action Programme planter s bale farmer s bale hogshead
tobacconist cigarette vending machine soaking light-strength tobacco
straw tip bunching machine tobacco in rolls texture
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