simplex half duplex numerical control optical character recognition
time sharing uninterruptible power system uninterruptible power supply compression
capital adequacy coal liquefaction commercial park fifth-freedom air carrier
epiphytotic disease EDMS pot vessel lobster pelagic fishing
road haulier road haulage operator pearl sugar over-the-counter instrument
Mediterranean non-Community countries Platform Europe clearing member convertible
qualifying issuer convulsive laughing stimulant substance stimulant
tranquilliser clarifier diethyltryptamine molecular biology
dipipanone Indian hemp self-medication inhibition
CDI Bureau meeting AWEPAA Intergroup Intergroup on Afghanistan Airbus Intergroup
Associations Intergroup Intergroup on Chile Intergroup on Trade Intergroup on Consumers
Intergroup on Shipbuilding Intergroup on Cycling East-West Intergroup Europa-Union Intergroup
Intergroup on Football Intergroup on Israel Intergroup on Mountains Intergroup on Nicaragua
Intergroup on Poverty SME Intergroup Progress Intergroup Animal Welfare Intergroup
Atlantic Regions Intergroup Intergroup on Security Trade Union Intergroup S O S Racisme Intergroup
Intergroup on Bullfighting Intergroup on Tourism International Women s Day Study days
Rapporteurs of Committees Protection of Forests Meeting Urgent Resolutions
Meeting Ad-hoc meeting Chairmen s meeting Vice-Presidents meeting
Information meeting extraordinary meeting joint meeting Preparatory Meeting
Seminar Seminar on Africa Subcommittee on Information Confederation
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