green NCI broadband communications node afforestation scheme financial guideline
start of buying-in flat rate payment prices package additional period
external currency upheaval micro-holding small-scale metalworking phthalimide
commercial piracy ornamental plant perfume plant diversification
watering place water point white fish market-oriented policy
tight pricing policy nitrogenous pollution indigenous potential endogenous potential
budgetary power anticompetitive arrangement anti-competitive practice anticompetitive activity
restrictive business practice unfair pricing practice pre-oxidation pre-standardization
ewe premium non-marketing premium support price input prices
standard problem final agricultural output total output tobacco production
crop production plant productivity livestock product thin product
flat product non-surplus products expenditure profile heavy section
interactive services agricultural development programme stock-holding programme multilingual co-production
transport infrastructure project PAGIS vegetable protein dried sugarbeet pulp
individual radio-sensitivity wine grape table grapes dried grape
sheepmeat review production levy receipt hormone residue testing pre-standardization research
pre-normative research refillable container airport tax airport charge
customs user fee ore reduction cessation scheme intervention support system
carryover arrangements buying-in rule yield per hectare output per hectare
unit yield cable network restructuring of vineyards non-farm income
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