late vintage grey rot Botrytis rot oenology
enology fermentation off skins fermentation on skins vine-stock
vine wine technology graduate oenologist graduate enologist
viniculture wine-growing viticulture vitiviniculture
oenologist enologist cessation of farming old burden
forest road non-breeding livestock latent unemployment cost-price squeeze
mandatory retaliation clause penalty coefficient orderly trade eligible application
farming trends GATT binding safeguard quota swap transaction
lines of communication managerial input tied-aid credit non-budget appropriation
interinstitutional appropriations price decision rural decline rollback commitments
rural depopulation depreciation of stocks desertification average economic size
secondary agricultural law vegetation dynamics statistical sampling ageing effect
forest pruning meat production intensive livestock rearing intensive livestock farming
dairy farming pig husbandry pig farming producer-farmer
off-farm employment packaging costs early retirement incentive liquid fertiliser
potassium fertiliser horizontal cartel horizontal agreement marginal farm
cereal equivalent farmland surplus rural-urban migration part-time farmer
part-time farm main-occupation farm general cropping farm horticultural farm
intermediate farm permanent crop farm tobacco-producing holding tobacco farm
exotic foot-and-mouth disease spelt production forestry-timber activity third-party financing
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