higher-level bodies plenary council party chairman Federative Secretariat
Central Committee Secretariat National Secretariat General Secretary member
anti-aircraft artillery family workers beef and veal antiballistic missile
return on equity LINAC linear accelerator IOOA
ATC Agreement build-up of surpluses free food scheme direct measure
direct action indirect measure indirect action market-related scheme
sideline work sideline farming feedingstuffs additive part-time farming
mountain farming extensive quality farming price compensation aid agrimonetary adjustment
grassland improvement land improvement forestry improvement land improvement
human genome analysis SAST wine-growing year wine year
equity infusion outside contribution multisectoral approach lagoon aquaculture
International Dairy Arrangement start-up assistance ALAPE qualified intervention
qualified intervention rules on-farm consumption working family reduced set-aside
labour market area travel-to-work-area TTWA employment area
quota entitlement intervention butter cooking butter supply balance
high quality wheat reference framework raw coffee green coffee
fuel enrichment capacity milk intake capacity active breeding life Community movement card
UHT milk carton subpole intermediate centre multi-service centre
production certificate zymotechnology onset of ripening vintage
wine harvest crop of grapes selection of bunches gleaning
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