Inhalation vapour Inhalation vapour solution Inhalation vapour tablet Inhalation vapour ointment
Inhalation vapour liquid Inhalation gas Injection Solution for injection
Suspension for injection Emulsion for injection Powder for injection Sterile concentrate
intravenous infusion Solution for infusion Emulsion for infusion Powder for infusion
Implant Implantation tablet Implantation chain Solution for haemofiltration
Solution for haemodialysis bladder irrigation Urethral gel Urethral stick
Endotracheopulmonary instillation Endotracheopulmonary instillation solution Endotracheopulmonary instillation suspension Endocervical gel
Wound stick Radiopharmaceutical precursor Radionuclide generator Gastroenteral liquid
Gastroenteral solution Gastroenteral suspension Gastroenteral emulsion Irrigation solution
Stomach irrigation Sealant industry fenamate group derivates
aminoglycosides macrolides specificity selectivity
linear range limit of quantification sensitivity relative standard deviation
repeatability reproducibility analytical method test procedure
result of determination conventional true value precision Abortion rate
Abortion ratio Abscissa Absolute risk Bayes theorem
Acceptable risk Acquaintance network actuarial method actuarial rate
actuarial table acute Adaptation Additive model
adjustment Aetiology Aetiologic Age at death
Age standardization Age-period cohort analysis Age-sex pyramid Age-sex register
Age-specific fertility rate Age-specific rate agent Aggregation bias
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