broadleaved oak multicasting press agency news agency
contractual periods twisted pair avocado pear avocado
document type Douglas fir brown rat ROCE
LDPR Liberal Democratic Party public spending public expenditure
CBRF Bank of Russia SCNRS fuel oil
Swedish krona krona Environmental Party Green Party
Environment party Moderate Unity Party Moderate Party Left Party
Portuguese escudo material breach EERO suspensive arrangements
youth card National Farmers Confederation Directorate-General of Forestry diethyl ether
Financial Balance Fund Directorate-General for Audits Manilla clam short-necked clam
Japanese clam trade related credit Portuguese Communist Party PEDAP
giant river prawn Greens Official Audit Plan iso-propanol
silvery cod patentability of inventions picarels PEDIP
Grand Cross ethyl cyanoacrylate Kuwait Investment Authority Kuwait Investment Agency
unexploded object unexploded ordnance unexploded explosive ordnance glucose
alpha-hydroxy acid police formality activity-based costing CD R
CD-R Compact Disc Recordable recordable CD recordable compact disk
CD-Recordable FPLMTS pump pre-emergence herbicide
agreement in writing consortium member fraud investigation electromagnetic field
protein level protein content watercress regional service
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