Liberal Party Danish krone Danish crown Ministry of Health
Difmar Danish Employers Confederation Danish Tennis Federation fisheries bank
extrusion Social Liberal Party Radical Liberal Party excessiveness threshold
B Tselem mixed community Labour Party export processing zone
CSRP EMAP UPILD usual marketing requirement
NPFL polished rice crop year NOAA
technical standards order targeted export assistance Export Enhancement Programme Set-aside Program
ASTA Central Intelligence Agency Federal Aviation Administration FDIC
DARPA phosphorus oxychloride APHIS D of A
USDA Department of Agriculture disinfectant Strategic Air Command
Federal Trade Commission kiwi kiwi fruit Chinese gooseberry
benzothiazole disulphide ACDA Executive Director gross value added
chickpea chickpea milkvetch chick pea AFRTS
ThCC thorax compression criterion ARPA Rapid Deployment Force
strategic air force coherent fibre European Institute IIHR
Inter-Agency Testing Committee National Security Council National Science Foundation OSTP
COBE Cosmic Background Explorer allocation cell density
Export Coordination Division typhus fever SERDEC ANSI
Republican Party Grand Old Party FSIS veterinary medical officer
delivery under contract tool carrier Democratic Party RERTR
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