printing works banknote printing works quality management system changeover
changeover period secure issuing authority side
intended for circulation recognition artistic period mutilation
damage impregnation stained contaminated
impregnated neutralisation bold print bold
conversion rate cash system coin issuance mint
issue collector coin legal protection transitional period
issuance denominated currency unit medium of payment
settlement medium means of payment single currency colour copier
copyright protection national coin to mint cash changeover
production pilot series logistical stock production site
production facility quality standard banknote-sorting machine counterfeit monitoring system
genuine shop cashier changeover framework dual currency circulation
dual circulation retail sector retail industry automated teller machine
bank counter currency accepting machine adaptation currency circulation
cash circulation sub-unit NCB branch repatriate
national side European side common side foil
intaglio print intaglio printing intaglio relief
printing technique printing method acceptance dyed
discoloured anti-theft device coin non-legal tender
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