research base spin-off spin-out tacit knowledge technology brokerage
technology foresight technology valley technology-based firm COTER Commission
ECOS commission EDUC Commission CONST commission RELEX commission
DEVE commission Formalities Examination Service dimethylnitrosoamine bis chloromethyl ether
anthracene dibenz expansive polystyrene Styropor
expanded polystyrene ECHP Iskcon ISPO
Textiles Monitoring Body MOCVD point of presence FAWEU
Directorate-General for Telecommunications EMIT disease vector maize starch
corn starch cottage-industry fabric BCAS ESAPTA
PTAESAS Document of Compliance SEPHA SACIM
contract for services AJAS incentive measure Albanian Workers Party
Albanian Democratic Party Enterprise Restructuring Agency National Liberation Front Algerian dinar
ASEAN Interparliamentary Organisation Asian Broadcasting Union FEFC chloroacetaldehyde
public officer kwanza Fisheries Research Centre Bahraini dinar
taka Barbados dollar Belize dollar Croatian Democratic Community
ethnic cleansing Brunei dollar Bulgarian Socialist Party Project Management Unit
Territorial Statistical Office NSIAD NSI s Agricultural Department National Statistical Institute
Burkinabé Shippers Council Burundi franc NCHRF robotised automation
New Independent States CHECIR CHERCIR inheritance tax
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