instant herbal tea Orodispersible tablet Solution for haemodiafiltration Medicated premix
debt service Special Drawing Right decease death
duty heir import licence indicator
minor infant interrogation oral examination
questioning examining jurisdiction jurisprudence
kick down power unrealised loss paper loss
CCBM DVP system NCB business day ECB time
ISIN serious Strip strip
activation policy TARGET TARGET system shooting room
drug consumption room dummy note EMCC sponsor
Station wagon estate car printing industry print industry
working owner Media Relations Manager Institute of Hidrology Environmental issue report
Policy and decision-makers Technical guidance notified body GEMET
informant succession low-skilled worker low-skilled person
University degree control group carrier diagnostic imaging
distal interphalangeal joint DIP joint intoxication laboratory
lamp mediastinitis parameter proximal interphalangeal joint
PIP joint surfactant pulmonary surfactant debtor
borrower inspection interested parties kickback
labour labor laundering payer
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