lifeskills life skills outreach work street work
detached work prevention intervention protective factors qualitative approach
quantitative approach risk factors substance use behaviour target group
CADREAC heads of agencies OMCL OTC products
pre-submission guidance quality management system time management system time recording system
PERF line extension extension DPSIR
frame the Commission to convene a meeting the predecessor
the oldest member attendance at meetings in urgent cases by qualified majority
by unanimous vote the main member the minority a later vote
the draft minutes the attendance list to make a report correspondence
unlawful trade mark earlier rights national procedural rules likelihood of confusion
an application fee a previous first application the subsequent application the first filing
seniority claimed for examination of applications the opposition fee the registration fee
an additional fee an earlier right a right to a name a copyright
counterclaim unjust enrichment the Opposition Division the Cancellation Division
requests for information the registry to be enforceable the competent authority
administrative cooperation exchange of publications professional representatives representation the defendant
the plaintiff the conversion fee privileges and immunities the budget estimates
a Community subsidy the fees regulations Community implementing provisions uniformity
chemotherapeutics chemoterapeutics sulfonamides diamino pyrimidine derivatives
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