single formation dual twin formation regroovable tyre omega tyre
PR number ply-rating number overall section width PSI pressure index
structure of a tyre ply cord restricted carcass inextensible cord material
circumferential belt temporary-use spare tyre normal driving condition restricted driving condition
tyre cord tyre ply tyre carcass tyre sidewall
lower sidewall tread groove section height inflated new tyre
nominal rim diameter theoretical rim width of a tyre measuring rim
cord separation V tyre Z tyre tyre ground pressure
tyre contact area cold inflation pressure symmetrical tyre asymmetrical tyre
load speed test rubber ridge high flotation tyre tapered rim
semi drop-centre rim normal-section tyre wide-base tyre multi-piece rim
smooth wheel power-driven test drum single utilization spare unit
normal spare unit automatic drawbar coupling mounting frame automatic closing pin
automatic locking pin overrun device sprung drawbar sliding fifth wheel
remote control device U-value U load S-value
notice of approval refusal of approval loading requirement vertical bearing load
removable coupling ball positive mechanical engagement connecting radius suitable drawbar eyes
locking torque coupling pin sharp-edge part not slotted sleeve
functional surface precluded inadvertent operation sinusoidal load short coupling system
pulsating test crack-testing dye-penetration method alternating test force
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