run-up track area of impact additional propelling device lateral misalignment
speed on impact body-block test mounting design angle adjustable steering control
zero point load transducer channel amplitude class unidirectional accelerometer
head form test fully-guided linear impactor energy of propulsion single-function lamp
retractable lamp direction of observation two lamps concealment of lamps
concealment device warning triangle luggage boot stated initial inclination
measured initial inclination dipped-beam inclination measuring site floating platform
vibrating platform push-pull control back seating position convertible vehicle
fragmentation characteristics hydropneumatic suspension uniformly toughened glass fragmentation test
resistance-to-radiation test light-transmission test optical distorsion test secondary-image-separation test
colour identification test organic sealant glass-glass sealant photographic contact paper
machined edge incurvated safety glazing compressive action abrading surface
reflectance standard total transmittance percentage haze scattered starting peak voltage
quartz halogen lamp maximum spot luminance ocular point screen divider
target test method collimator-telescope test method illuminated target ring target
observation telescope polar-coordinate plate achromatic lens polar coordinate system
exposed side sample holder burning distance non-abrasive soapy solution
window cleaning product rectangle of visibility fitting angle back rest angle
thickness class production unit production run change of colour
photographic contact print conductors incorporated colouring of coating height of segment
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