discrete ratio forward gear ratio vertical exhaust outlet idling position
deceleration period conditioning by pulsations intake flange ventilating noise
inlet sleeve hand-operated regulating valve quick response valve control pressure gauge
roller dynamometer production survey book cab rear panel suspension mounting
body panel loaded vehicle cab access lid flat-ended ram
bent-over ornament headlamp visor wiper shaft pushbutton of door
bonnet fastener lateral door handle protective surround handle pivoting outwards
independent return mechanism lateral air deflector anti-smear air deflector fin-shaped projection
micro-processor controlled function axle track wheel normally fitted vehicle level adjustment
light distribution angle illumination at night angular field light distribution table
light-signalling device photometric condition voltage-adapting system axis of observation
trial fitting interchangeability value complete headlamp two filament lamp
dual-filament lamp applicant for type-approval powdered vegetable coal photometric distribution
mrad milliradian limitation speed set speed
limitation threshold permanent brake approval authority communication form
test piece manufacturer s engine code type-approval file ambient road environment
salted atmosphere chamber sinusoidal vibration logarithmic sweep roadworthy vehicle
roadworthy vehicle technically permissible mass kerb mass
maximum authorized mass vertical displacement transducer twin drive bogie damped transient response
general steering control steering control rim assembly accessory collision-tested vehicle
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