competition victories placings crumple zones
All-Wheel Drive All Wheel Drive postal questionnaire mail questionnaire
encircling highway ring road belt highway fleet of vehicles
car fleet multi-stage type-approval incomplete vehicle information folder
information package system type-approval forward driving cab semi-forward driving cab
hand of drive chassis without bodywork multi-axled vehicle unbraked trailer
maximum vertical load fuel tank inlet service fuel tank reserve fuel tank
cold-start system injection advance curve projecting rim fuel distributor
throttle housing water temperature sensor air temperature switch continuous injection
static ignition timing additional air intake noise reducing device angle of opening
angle of closing lambda sensor oxygen sensor lambda probe
inlet intercooler total gear ratios minimum load-capacity index linkage to wheels
method of adjustment radius of drum mass of drum lever ratio
breakaway braking device power-assisted braking device occupant door master light switch
headlamp levelling headlamp cleaning device diesel pre-heat battery charging condition
engine coolant temperature intermittent windscreen wiper rear hood engine oil pressure
door pillar air-intake grille decorative trim floor line
energy dissipating device rear underrun protection resistive ignition cable automatic headlamp levelling
seating reference point differential locking mechanism multi-axled bogie exhaust silencer system
intake silencer system acceleration section track surface sound reflecting object
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