battery cut-out rigidity shock absorber rudder controls
rudder control sideslipping downwash slipstream
backwash static test spin recovery static directional stability
stressed skin high altitude engine tail gear taper ratio
torque limiter turbofan engine ducted fan engine V-tail
zero thrust power antiskid system auto-feathering bladder tank
bounced landing canard foil system clearance passenger compartment
gauge CPMP applicant claiming the seniority
entry into force financial provisions late payment responsibility
liability protective measure registration procedure representation
request for conversion rights in rem taking of evidence word mark
appeal be authentic enforcement file an application
national law in pursuance of pursuant to under
by virtue of subsidy ecotoxicity EEA Joint Committee
ETOMEP effects opinion guidelines in consultation
registration system active substance pharmacologically active substance active ingredient
application application assay test analysis
undesirable effects adverse effects innovative medicinal products safety
survey topical use auditing audit
prohibition MRLs maximum residue limits life science
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